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Joelle Worrell

From the East Coast, to the prairies and mountains of Alberta and now back home, is where this cat was destined to be!

Here's some bits and pieces about me: I'm a weird eater; nothing green (well maybe jello), salads taste like leaves off the tree in your backyard, who orders apples at McDonalds? and beige coloured foods are my besties. Oh, and my food can't touch. Annnd I'm a salt-a-holic. But that's the only condiment I like. No sauces, no seasonings. I blame my Mother for spoiling me as a kid. (thanks Mom! :)) Yeah, I know. I'm weird. Just look awaaayyyy!

I am a lover of all music. I love to sing. I love to read. I'm an ex pageant gal. I love 80's movies. I believe everyone should eat a chocolate bar when watching Willy Wonka. I love pepperoni pizza. I don't have milk in my cereal, I drink it with my cereal. I am an animal lover. Well, except snakes; they are gross. And I believe in love. Love your family. Love your friends. Love your coworkers. Love yourself. Love makes the world go 'round. <3

Dan Coulton


An unusual day for me...Fighting a bear, modelling lingere, clipping a hillbillys' toes (this sort of day hardly EVER happens!) A typical day for me.......Having a Bbq with my family, Sherry, Emma, Maui and Ivy (the last two are the furry ones....like me!), and probably eating stuff that's way too spicy and may envoke the rest of them to tell me to sleep in the shed. After that, some homework, bit of Coronation Street, some Fringe or Criminal Minds (Dexter if I'm lucky) and throw in a game of Jeapardy just to keep my brain working! Hold on!... I can't do any of that, it's 4am...I gotta get to work! Grab my Yankees cap, get on the Yamaha, leave the Valley and head uptown. Can't complain though, it beats workin' for a livin! Especially when you work with Joelle Worrell!!

Amy Clark

Name: Amy Clark 

I've lived in Saint John my entire life, so I know this city well. A great place to live, work and play! I love going to the movies, sunny days, and ice cream. Life in Saint John has taught me that being a good friend and neighbour is incredibly rewarding. Smiles and kindness go a long way, and albeit a smaller city, it's got huge heart!

Zach Perry

Hey, I'm Zach Perry (no relation to Katy Perry)! I'm from Ottawa and took Radio Broadcasting at Algonquin College. I may not be from Saint John, but I'm a Maritimer at heart. I'm part Acadian, which meant growing up I spent almost every summer in New Brunswick. From fishing off the wharf in Neguac to swimming at Parlee Beach. So, naturally I enjoy long walks on the beach... I'm really excited to be back to the land of donairs, amazing sea food, donairs, and great people! Tune in every week night from 6-Midnight for Saint John's best music! Follow me on Twitter: here!

Did I mention I REALLY like donairs?