District Education Council Wants New School For The South End

Posted on Thursday, October 12, 2017 19:57 PM

The issue of a proposed new school in the south end was put to a small gathering at St. James the Baptist/King Edward School last night by the District Education Council.

It was the first part of what will be a three part process of meetings and Chair Robert Fowler says they are looking to have a new K-8 school with 450 students school to replace St John the Baptist/King Edward and Prince Charles, for a variety of reasons, the two schools are old and in need of repair, declining enrolment and frankly he said because south end kids from those schools deserve to have a new building to go to.

Fowler says two more public meetings will be held before they decide on a course of action to take to the Minister of Education in early January. He did stress to the crowd neither school would be closed without a firm commitment from government of a new school first.