UPDATE: The Evacuees Can't Return Yet But Workers At Irving Paper Should Be Back To Work Tomorrow

Posted on Thursday, January 11, 2018 18:46 PM

It's been a long, challenging week for everyone still dealing and impacted by the butane leak in East Saint John.

An update fro the City's EMO says purging continues on the broken pipeline and preparations are being made for the repair.   

Most of the spilled product has been removed.

A plan for monitoring air quality has been developed which involves regular testing at the site of the spill, in the surrounding areas and inside homes and facilities.

The City fire department, Irving Oil and third-party experts will be doing that testing.

The people forced to evacuate homes on River Avenue, First and Second Street East and Spruce are spending another night in a hotel

They can start to return home after several safe air quality tests have been recorded and the home safety inspections are completed.

The road closure on Bayside Drive remains in place.   

Testing continued at Irving Paper today where butane levels were detected yesterday.

By 6pm tonight, butane was not being detected at the Irving Paper locations.

It's expected that Irving Paper, Irving Wallboard and the Bayside Drive offices will open tomorrow morning and they will be updating employees at 7am.

Testing will continue through the night.

More positive test results will mean call backs and duty assignments for workers at Irving Paper and Irving Wallboard will start mid-morning tomorrow.