Healing After Homicide: The Jackie Clark Story

Posted on Wednesday, September 13, 2017 15:10 PM

A Fredericton journalist and author has written a book about one of the most horrific murders in the Capital City, but it's not the kind of book you may think it is.

Laverne Stewart's book is called Healing After Homicide:The Jackie Clark Story and tells about the healing she and many others received from the trauma they had carried over the abduction, sexual assault and murder of the eight year old girl in June 1995.

Stewart was a reporter who spent many hours at the scene covering the search and eventual recovery of the girls remains and found the healing she needed through two psychic mediums in the Fredericton Region, Michelle Russell and Suzanne Riley who had been both contacted by Clark's spirit.

Riley says it happened at her Oromocto home in 2010 when she went to her reading room and found the essence of Clark there who said she needed her help and so did Laverne.

Stewart then was given a number of messages from the mediums to seek out others who had carried this trauma with them and Stewart says she was compelled to write this book in hopes of helping other people who may be dealing with their own type of trauma.

Proceeds from the book go to Guardians of the Children to help kids in crisis as well as a scholarship in Jackie's name for aspiring young writers, as that was her goal in life.

Stewart and Riley will be at the Transcension Healing Centre in Rothesay on Sunday between 11 a.m and 2 p.m and you can hear our full interview with them on our weekly news magazine Pulse NB this Sunday morning after the 9am news and again at 9pm.